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Football in Madrid

watching a match in Madrid.

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Football is huge in Spain, which is not that strange if you are the reigning European and World Champion (oooouch, that still hurts). In Madrid this is not different. If you followed the Euro League last season, you will also know that Madrid based, Atlectico won this cup in May, while the final of the Champions League was staged at the Santiago Bernabeu stadium of Real Madrid. Of course it was the hope of Real to claim the Cup theirs in their own stadium, but dream didn't come true. Besides These two teams there is also a third club in Madrid, which Rayo Vallecano, from the barrio of Vallecas. Some will also consider Getafe a club from Madrid, but that will be disputed by most the Madrileños. For visitors it can however be a good alternative, if they can't get tickets for Real or Atletico, and still want to see a game in the Primero Division.



How to get tickets?
Getting tickets is not as hard as it seems. The easiest way to get tickets is to keep a good eye on the website of Servicaixa. On this website you will find an area for each team they are selling tickets for. At the moment those are Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid, Barcelona, Espanyol and Valencia.

Real Madrid
On http://www.realmadrid.com/en/tickets you will find the game for which you can buy tickets. Please note that ticketsales in Spain starts rather late. (sometimes just over a week before the game.) Click on the link, next to the game you want to see (Iniciar Compra), the first question will be the number of tickets you want to have, and after that you will see all the zones of the stadium. The lowest priced tickets will be located high up in the stadium, and the closer you get to the field, the more expensive the tickets will be. Another important factor for the price is the opponent. The better the team they play against the higher the price. If you have selected your zone, and the seat, you will need to fill the information that is needed to make the buy. (in other words, you creditcard number.)

When you finish the buy, you will receive an email, in which is stated what you have bought, and how you can collect your real tickets. WIth the email alone you will not be able to enter the stadium. In the email it also stated that you can print your tickets are a cash machine of ServiCaixe. Although this is true for other tickets they sell (e.g. concerts), you can not print your tickets at one of the millions of cash machines in Madrid. The easiest way is to get to the Stadium on time and print your ticket from one of the ticket machines on the Northside of the Bernabeu stadium. The only thing you need to do, is the wipe you creditcard through the machine (of course the credit, with which you made the buy.) and it will instantly begin to print your tickets. As this goes quickly, there are normally no long lines.

Real Madrid - AC Milan

Real Madrid - AC Milan

The stadium can be reached easiest by Metro. You can get out at the stop Santiago Bernabeu on line 10. If you need to come from the south, and you are using line 6 (Circular), it is sometimes better to get out at Nuevos Ministerios, and just walk the last 10 minutes. As there are a lot of people making their way to the stadium, the metro is overloaded for some time before and after the matches. If you come by train, also head to Nuevos Ministerios, and walk the last bit.

If you wonder what all the Madrileños are carrying in the little plastic bags, when they enter the stadium, know that it is allowed to take drinks and food into the stadium. You can take 500 ml plastic bottles, and what most Madrileños will also take with them is a boccadilla, wrapped in tinfoil, this is their snack for during the break.

Atletico de Madrid
For matches of Atletico de Madrid also go to: Servicaixa.com. The way to buy your ticket is the same as written above. Tickets for games of Atletico are in general a bit cheaper and therefore more affordable for many people. As they are playing near to the center, many people from Madrid have more support for Atletico. Just like most people from Liverpool, support Everton.

To get to the stadium, you can take the Metro and head to the stop called Piramides (on the green line, number 5). From there just follow the crowd. You can also get out at Marquez de Vadillo, and cross the bridge. From the bridge you have a nice view over the stadium. You will notice that the busy M-30 goes right under one of the stands.

Madrid - Estadio Vincente Calderon (Atletico Madrid)

Madrid - Estadio Vincente Calderon (Atletico Madrid)

Rayo Vallecano
For tickets of games of Rayo Vallecano, I would just head to the stadium and buy tickets at the counter. Next season it might be a bit more difficult than that, as they are not ranked 2nd in the Segunda Division. After having missed out a chance to get back into the Primera division 2 years ago, they are again one of the possible team to play Primera Division next season. Of course the season is still long, and a lot can happen until it over.

Rayo Vallecano fans are in general people on the left side of the political arena. This become clear in their songs and their manners. The hardcore fans of Real and Atletico are rather more on the right. As you might know Spain is still pretty much devided in these two camps.

For all you football lovers, I hope this helps you to get to see a game in Madrid.

Enjoy the match if you go and see one.

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